You might also surmise from the cover that McQuade’s background is rockabilly, and that sound does pervade the disc, although perhaps we could call it bluesabilly here.

In Kevin McQuade’s hands this time tested style has a new life.

Review by John Valenteyn
( Maple Blues Newsletter March 2011)




The Kat Kings as a group, are yet another excellent addition to the multitude of talent that Canada consistently is able to produce and offer.

For a Debut Album, “The Winning Hand” is about as good of a start as any band could hope for, and it is certainly one that leaves you with a sense of more great things to come.

Review by John Vermilyea
(Blues Underground Network)



One gets the sense that Toronto-based vocalist and guitarist Kevin McQuade, leader of The Kat Kings, is a pretty down-to-earth guy. As composer of all but one tune on the band’s debut (with one co-writing credit), he delivers solid, unpretentious blue-collar rockers with lots of soul and hints of the blues here and there.

Review by John Taylor
(BC Blog Critics)


the Record

The Kat Kings is singer/songwriter, guitar ace Kevin McQuade who has invited a trio of top-notch studio musicians to join in the fun including Al Cross on drums, John Dymond on bass and Martin Alex Aucoin on keyboards, who also produces.

Judging by the cover of The Winning Hand and such song titles as Let’s Get Greasy and Born in the Back of a Cadillac, you might think the album is good, old-fashioned rockabilly. Actually, it’s closer to garage blues with a rock ‘n’ roll edge. A blues music reviewer has called it “bluesabilly” and the label is as good as any.

Review by Robert Reid at The