Welcome to The Kingdom of the Kats

The Kat Kings call Toronto home. They play red hot music and keep that flame burning bright.

 They have been playing their unique style of Roots music since the 2011 debut of The Winning Hand.  Their 2016 follow up, Swingin’ in the Swamp carried on with that formula.

They fuse Blues, Rock and Roll, Soul and Rockabilly to create The Billy Bop Blues.

The Kat Kings” music has been played all over the world. They have also played all over the country too. They are eager to play for new audiences wherever they may be.

If you’re looking for great music and good times, The Kat Kings have got everything you need plus a whole lot more.

We do a thing called the Billy Bop Blues

Kat Kings in the Wild

Swingin’ in The Swamp” is a roots rockin’ boppin’ blues masterpiece. Need I say more


First-rate Rockabilly…First-Rate Rock and Roll

John Valenteyn 89.5 FM

(March 2016 Maple Blues Newsletter)

Swinging in the Swamp is simply said a must have album one that can’t be missed in your collection, no matter what.


It’s an utterly fabulous release, and you should be snapping this up immediately.


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The Kat Kings play Dudercaster guitars

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